Stylish Foldable Reading Glasses

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Are folding reading glasses stylish?

Stylish Foldable Reading Glasses

The Sharper Image made foldable reading glasses desirable and fashionable. While the Slimfold I folding reading glasses look like your typical industrial/professional glasses (ideal for men at the office), you aren't limited in your choices.

Ablevision's Thinline Folding Reader flip-up reading glasses fold to 1/4 of their size with ultra-thin styling that complements your face. The colored frames of these foldable reading glasses match the ultraslim cases that slip easily into pocket, briefcase, backpack or purse.

MySpex Foldable Reading glasses specializes in flip up reading glasses reading glasses—try their rose and gold-framed style. Able Vision's Hilco Portable clip on reading glasses have tortoiseshell and gold accents on the frames for that debonair intellectual look.

Let's not forget Calvin Klein's classic folding reading glasses with elegant rimless styling, and spring hinges that mold these sexy specs to your face.



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