Calvin Klein Designer Eye Glasses

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Are Calvin Klein designer eye glasses available at a discount?

Calvin Klein Designer Eye Glasses

Calvin Klein discount designer eye glasses are out there for all bargain hunters to find. However, when searching for discount designer eye glasses, don't think of “expensive” as a bad word. You're paying for quality reading sun glasses or reading designer eyeglasses. You're also paying for the brand name. While brand-name tunnel vision may blind you to other great-looking discount designer eyeglasses that improve your vision, don't assume that hunting for brand names is automatically a mistake. You're making an investment in yourself.



12/9/2006 8:24:01 AM
Unhappy with CK frames said:

I bought a pair of Calvin Kline eyeglass frames at Eyes on Broadway in Seattle Washington ( 206 323-7337
118 Broadway Ave E, Seattle 98102 ). The design is red flexible plastic earpieces attached directly to rimless plastic lenses with a red plastic bar attaching the two lenses. I loved the CK design. This frame has given me nothing but trouble! The nose piece fell off in NYC, one earpiece came off at the beach in NC and the other at my home. One is broken at the site where the earpiece is inserted directly into the plastic lens, and the other broke at the joint. When I went back to the optical store on a trip to Seattle in June I was told there was nothing they could do for me. This was 3 months after I purchased the frames!! They jerry-rigged me a nosepiece from another brand, then mailed me a CK nosepiece later. By this time the little protrusion that the noseclip attaches to was broken off. These frames cost a lot of money. What kind of warrenty do you offer for your CK frames? I will be happy to send them to you for repair or reimbursement.


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