Reading Glasses with Sun Protection

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Can I just choose reading glasses with sun protection if I don’t want sunglasses?

Reading Glasses with Sun Protection

Reading company reports poolside at Sandals Resort in Jamaica? You'll need UV protection, mon, and the only way is to use reading sun glasses. Calabria Palm Beach 798 Sun Reading Glasses offer silver tinted lenses with 100% UV protection. You can buy polarized reading glasses at Kingston.

Appropriately, Calabria also offers the Jamaica and Negril styles of tinted glasses for reading with bi-focal lenses. Able Vision's Kingston style of pinkish-gold tinted reading glasses is elegant and impact-resistant.

Calabria's reading sun glasses are sleek and not at all like typical sunglasses, but you might want to stay away from ICU's 3601BFSR XL Fashion Bi-Focal sun reading glasses, since those are large-frame and black.



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