Reducing Eye Distortions

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I know aspheric lenses reduce the distortions in my vision, do they also enhance the appearance of my eyes?

Reducing Eye Distortions

The aspheric eyeglasses lens has flatter curves than a conventional eyeglass lens and is positioned closer to the face. If you are wearing a strong correction lens, this will make your eyes look normal size, flattering their shape.

Conventional farsighted eyeglass lenses enlarge the eyes, making them look overly large, while a nearsighted eyeglasses lens gives your eye a piggy or beady look. The thinnest eyeglass lenses usually have thin edges for strong minus or nearsighted prescriptions. The thinner edges also flatter your eyes and face.

For people with multiple vision problems, an aspheric multifocal or progressive eyeglass lens shows off those beautiful green eyes while improving eyesight.



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