Avoid Rubbernecking

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How do I avoid having to crane my neck to adjust my sight with bifocals?

Avoid Rubbernecking

You've stuck your neck out so many times your friends say you look like a giraffe wearing bi focal reading glasses.

One way to eliminate the bifocals rubbernecking problem starts with the computer. Place the monitor so that the center of the screen us at about 17.5 degrees below eye level. Try to align your eyes with the top of the viewing area of the screen. Be sure to do this wearing your bifocal reading glasses.

Consider getting a stand or lapdesk for reading material rather than holding the print down so your neck and the curves of light constantly have to adjust. Read with bifocal glasses with printed matter at eye level.

You have enough to concentrate on during night driving without worrying about your bifocal eye glasses. The plus here is that moving your head during driving, provided you keep your eyes on the road, is actually a requirement. If you have difficulty seeing instruments or the road within arm's length, consider trading your bifocals for trifocals.



3/4/2009 2:18:32 PM
Louise said:

I just recently got a new pair of glasses. No-line Bifocals, I have fought with these for about a month now. Been back to the eye doctor 4 times, I can see find far off, like while driving. But Lord don't let my head turn, or try and see something coming from the side of me, or see how fast I am going on the dash. I look at my PC screen and it is no longer the flat screen it was, now a bubble. The lady at the doctors office, says you have to follow your nose to read. BULLCRAP!! What is up with this? Went into the office again today and spent 20$ for a pair of +30 reading. The PC screen is fine, but the driving is still a mess. What should I do?


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