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Are there special carrying cases for magnifying half glasses?

Half Reader Protective Cases

Protect your half glasses with a leather case. Eyesave.com makes and sells its own soft case for your magnifying half glasses. Whether you buy JC Crystal or Calabria half frame reading glasses, Eyesave's black, brown or burgundy stitched leather case will save your half frame eye glasses from damage.

I love hand-painted readers, but will they make half glasses look bizarre?

Hand-Painted Half Glasses

Hand-painted magnifying half glasses aren't just a fantasy. We love the way that Calabria's hand- painted half frame eye glasses still look petite and streamlined. The modern-art markings won't call attention to the raised bridge of these half glasses. Everyone will be too busy looking at the cool designs on your half frame reading glasses!

Half-eye reading glasses are already unique, how can I add an even more distinctive look?

Crystal Half-Eye Reading glasses

You've seen magnifying crystals, but have you seen crystal magnifying half glasses? JC Crystal's Half Eye Crystal half frame reading glasses offer compact bejeweled elegance with a less pronounced bridge.

Swarovski crystals aren't just for full readers any more. Now owners of half glasses can have them. The crystals adorning these half frame eye glasses can add razzle-dazzle to a diamond-shaped or oval face.

Will the high bridge on half frame reading glasses look awkward on my face?

High Bridge Half Frames

The high bridge of half glasses won't necessarily look awkward on your face, especially if you have an oval or diamond face and need small oval frames. Test your desired magnifying half glasses by trying them on in the store. Colored frames may soften the high bridge, such as Cinzia's Half Pint Blue half frame eye glasses. Don't forget the flattering gold/tortoise colors of Able Vision's Hilco Gold II half frame reading glasses.

There seem to be more choices for women’s half-frame glasses, why is that?

Women's Half-Frame Glasses

Women's small half readers accentuate both your vision and your femininity. It's not surprising that there are more options for women buying magnifying half glasses. ICU Eyewear's Small Half Rim half frame eye glasses, available in black and white or brown, and Able Vision's Hilco Gold II magnifying half glasses in the gold/tortoise combo offer sophisticated look and function. Women may feel more comfortable than men when wearing half glasses, plus women buy more accessories!

Do half frame reading glasses look good on men?

Men's Half Frame Reading Glasses

Here's a secret. Guys care about their appearance as much as women do, witness the phenomenon of the metrosexual. Your self-respecting metrosexual knows magnifying half glasses such as the Calabria Readers Slip Brown look good on him, especially with masculine colors. Half glasses in gunmetal have a streamlined sophisticated look that accentuates the masculine appearance. Half frame reading glasses are lightweight yet rugged and durable. For guys who grew up being teased about oversize eyeglasses, half frame eye glasses may be the ticket.

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