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What are the Cinzia Trendies and are they for me?

Cinzia Trendies

The stylish Cinzia Trendies aren't rhinestone reading glasses, hand painted reading glasses or crystal reading glasses. They are to other metal or plastic framed designer reading glasses what Cross Ion Gel Ink pens are to regular fountain pens. Rimless style around the lenses and bright red, black or silver frames in the back create an unforgettable look for one style of these fashion reading glasses. If you're young and creative, these compact fashion reading glasses that have a bold style are for you. Also try the Cinzia Trendies Cateyes, whose feline shape and variety of colors will make you purr!

I’d like designer reading glasses with the same color frame and lenses, which brand do you recommend?

Same Color Frame and Lenses

You're not looking for hand painted reading glasses, rhinestone reading glasses, or crystal reading glasses. You just want the frames and lenses tinted the same color.

Calvin Klein's CR1 Bordeaux Folding Reading Glasses have light pink tinted lenses that match the frames of these fashion reading glasses. You can also customize the frames of, say, sun designer reading glasses such as Calabria's Tinted Jamaica. You can choose black or silver frames to pair with the gray-black tinted lenses.

What are some of the best-looking hand painted reading glasses?

Hand Painted Reading Glasses

Crystal reading glasses and rhinestone reading glasses can't beat hand painted reading glasses for the cool factor. We like:

* Calabria Hand-Painted 345-F designer reading glasses with tortoiseshell dots on pink, blue, white and gray streaks.
* The “‘60s Peace Poster” Calabria Hand-Painted 345-D fashion reading glasses
* The “English Garden” Calabria Hand-Painted 796-E Readers
* Any hand painted reading glasses by Calabria!

Are the Irish Eyes Executive fashion reading glasses a good fit for the office?

Irish Eyes Executive Glasses

You've left the rhinestone reading glasses and the hand painted reading glasses at home.

Your boss looks the other way however when you wear your half-eye JC Crystal brand crystal reading glasses, because they appear so hip and you work in a dot-com office. Besides, you left your JC Crystal opera glasses at home.

However, your law firm will definitely like the Irish Eyes Executive designer reading glasses. They're small and lightweight, with sophisticated and serious-looking gold frames. The black or brown case includes a pen and adds a touch of Harvard Law School to these ultramodern fashion reading glasses.

What types of fashion reading glasses should I not buy for the office?

Fashion Eyewear at the Office

Yes, even your eyes have a dress code in the corporate world. Gone are the rhinestone reading glasses popularized by secretaries in the 1960s. Some points to remember:

* Rhinestones are out in fashion reading glasses, even for secretaries.
* Unless you work in an art gallery or funky store, hand painted reading glasses aren't appropriate, even on casual Fridays.
* Save the crystal reading glasses for the weekend.
* Choose dark- or neutral- colored frames to present a professional image. Choose silver, gunmetal, brown or black for men, but brown, golden tones, silver, burgundy and coffee colors for women.
* You can never go wrong with gold or silver frames on your designer eye glasses.
* Stick with lenses shaped like ovals, rectangles and almonds. Big square glasses look too severe.

Some designer reading glasses have great accessories, can you recommend some?

Designer Reading Accessories

Crystal reading glasses, rhinestone reading glasses and hand painted reading glasses need no accessories. But if you want sleek plain-color frames, you can still get the bells and whistles. Cinzia's Sassy Collection fashion reading glasses include fashion eyewear jewelry in the designer reading glasses package. Cinzia also features a Black Pen & Eye and a Blue Pen & Eye Kit.

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