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What are eyebobs and how do I buy and wear them?


Eyebobs are brand name reading glasses with an attitude. Forget Calvin Klein, Irish Eyes, Scojo reading glasses and ICU Eyewear. Eyebobs have a variety of cool reading glasses styles with names like “Nobel Winner,” “Loan Ranger,” “Fresh Man,” “Skeptic,” and “AWOL,” so buy and wear them if you dare to be cool. You can even have your optician convert Eyebobs to prescription glasses.

Which of the five brand names listed here makes the best bifocals?

Best Brand Name Bifocals

Eyebobs can upgrade to bifocals, but you need an optician. We recommend an optician for any bifocal brand name reading glasses. We haven't seen any Irish Eyes, Calvin Klein or Scojo reading glasses bifocals.

By elimination, the ICU Eyewear tinted aspheric bifocal reading glasses and sun reading glasses take the prize for the best bifocals.

Between ICU and Irish Eyes, which has the best quality eyeglass case?

ICU and Irish Eyes Eyeglass Cases

The Irish Eyes Executive leather case with pen and After Hours faux embroidered case duke it out with the ICU Eyewear Slim Brow white-and-red polka dot case that matches the glasses. Calvin Klein aficionados will no doubt argue that CK makes the best cases, and all Eyebobs glasses come with a protective hard case.

Actually, among brand name reading glasses, the vote for coolest cases goes to Scojo reading glasses with their pop-top and tube reading cases. That said, Slimfold brand name reading glasses have the thinnest eyeglass cases we've seen.

I can’t decide between compact ICU Eyewear and Scojo reading glasses, can you help me?

ICU vs. Scojo

Like Coke vs. Pepsi, deciding between Scojo reading glasses and ICU Eyewear is a matter of personal taste, just like picking Calvin Klein, Irish Eyes or Eyebobs. That said, Scojo has slimmer reading glasses than ICU brand name reading glasses, and Scojo's Gels contour to your face. But the ICU Eyewear Rimless Tube Reader is inspired, with adjustable nosepads.

Unlike Scojo, ICU or Eyebobs, Calvin Klein readers all look alike, so how can I make them distinctive?

Calvin Klein Clones

Calvin Klein brand name reading glasses may look alike with the same rectangle lenses and frames in different colors. They may not have the variety of Eyebobs, ICU Eyewear, Irish Eyes or Scojo reading glasses.

However, you're paying for the Calvin Klein quality styling and perfect visual clarity. You can jazz up your Calvin Klein readers with rounder Calvin Klein frames—just be sure to have your lenses adjusted or buy new lenses. The classic Calvin Klein look is timeless and elegant on its own without adornments.

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