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What magnifying reading glasses do you recommend?

Magnifying Readers Recommendation

All reading glasses are magnifying eye glasses, and prescription glasses especially. But there are special brands of magnifying reading glasses. Hilco reading magnifiers have bifocal magnification and are portable magnifier glasses. Try the Hilco translucent pocket magnifying glasses with 3x magnification.

Do I clean my reading magnifiers the way I do my prescription glasses?

Clean Reading Magnifiers

You care for your reading magnifiers as you would your prescription magnifying reading glasses and bifocal magnifying eye glasses. Invest in eyeglass cleaning sprays and microfiber cloths for your magnifying glasses, and wipe lenses gently. That way, your pocket magnifier glasses will last as long as your prescription eyeglasses will.

Will pocket magnifiers work as well as regular reading glasses?

Pocket Magnifiers vs. Regular Reading Glasses

You don't want to use pocket magnifier glasses or hand magnifiers for long periods of work. However, they can be useful for reading fine print. If you don't need regular magnifying eye glasses or prescription magnifying reading glasses, hand or pocket reading magnifiers are ideal.

Can I choose illuminated reading magnifiers?

Illuminated Reading Magnifiers?

You can buy prescription magnifying reading glasses and designer magnifying eye glasses. But none of them are illuminated. Consider buying the Hilco Square Pocket Magnifier, a magnifier glass with a built-in reading light, or the Large Illuminated reading magnifier, which has an easy-grip handle. You should own prescription magnifying eye glasses and illuminated hand magnifying glasses for double insurance on your eyesight.

What are multi-angle magnifiers useful for?

Multi-Angle Magnifiers

Prescription magnifying reading glasses and bifocal magnifying eye glasses can adjust your sight automatically. But if you don't need that adjustment all the time, purchase adjustable hand magnifying glasses. The Hilco Multi-Angle Illuminated magnifier glasses let you adjust the lens angle for various uses, such as getting a better angle while installing computer hardware or working on watch repairs. To add visibility, these reading magnifiers are illuminated.

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