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I know aspheric lenses reduce the distortions in my vision, do they also enhance the appearance of my eyes?

Reducing Eye Distortions

The aspheric eyeglasses lens has flatter curves than a conventional eyeglass lens and is positioned closer to the face. If you are wearing a strong correction lens, this will make your eyes look normal size, flattering their shape.

Conventional farsighted eyeglass lenses enlarge the eyes, making them look overly large, while a nearsighted eyeglasses lens gives your eye a piggy or beady look. The thinnest eyeglass lenses usually have thin edges for strong minus or nearsighted prescriptions. The thinner edges also flatter your eyes and face.

For people with multiple vision problems, an aspheric multifocal or progressive eyeglass lens shows off those beautiful green eyes while improving eyesight.

What lenses should I wear if I have a -6.00 prescription?

Advanced Myopia Prescription Lenses

If you have a -6.00 prescription, you have extreme myopia! But your minus prescription number shouldn't mean you have to subtract a lot of cash from your bank account, or suffer with a heavy concave eyeglass lens. An aspheric high-index thin eyeglasses lens or an aspheric progressive eyeglass lens can stand up to your advanced myopia and have you singing, “I can see clearly now...I can see all obstacles in my way...”

Another choice for thinnest eyeglass lenses are polycarbonate, also known as featherweight, eyeglass lenses, which you can wear in regular eyeglass frames if you're not doing sports.

What’s the best lens material for eyeglasses if I play sports?

Sports Lenses

The polycarbonate eyeglasses lens keeps parents from breaking their budget replacing eyeglasses. If the scratch-proof UV-protected polycarbonate eyeglass lens can withstand a rough-and-tumble day at school, your polycarbonate eyeglass lenses can hold up under the pressure of a squash game. They are the thinnest eyeglass lenses designed for athletics.

A caveat: Only use polycarbonate eyeglass lenses in an approved sports glasses frame. A regular designer eyeglass frame may be fine for a progressive eyeglass lens, but won't weather the impact of a football tackle.

Aspheric lenses are ultra-thin, will they counterbalance a heavy eyeglass frame?

Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric eyeglass lenses are designed to rest lightly on the face and provide superior optical function. However, even though aspheric eyeglass lenses are among the thinnest eyeglass lenses, they can't counterbalance heavy frames. Wearing coke-bottle frames with aspheric eyeglasse lenses is like wearing your baggy clothes after you've lost a lot of weight. In general, the aspheric eyeglasses lens should be in a smaller eyeglass frame such as ICU Eyewear's matte two-tone thin lozenge-shaped frame. Your aspheric progressive eyeglass lens works well in a larger rounded frame such as the one found on ICU's Bi-Focal O85BF.

Why do my fashionable Calvin Klein frames look unattractive with my concave or convex eyeglass lens?

Concave or Convex, Go High-Index

Whether your eyeglasses lens is concave to correct nearsightedness or convex to prevent farsightedness, traditional corrective eyeglass lenses have thicker edges. In fashionable eyeglasses such as ICU Eyewear and in Calvin Klein eyeglass frames, the rims are thinner than the eyeglass lens. Rimless eyeglasses leave the thick eyeglasses lens completely exposed, giving your specs a bizarre appearance.

The progressive eyeglass lens, the aspheric thinnest eyeglass lenses, and especially high-index eyeglass lenses can bend light more, so are thinner and lighter since they require less surface material.

What are golf lenses and can they help my swing?

Golf Lenses

Bifocal golf eyeglass lenses trump the progressive eyeglass lens on the course. Flat-top bifocals in the low inside corner of the eyeglass lenses of golf glasses allow you to read and write on the scorecard up close, but still hit the ball into the cup. While golf eyeglass lenses aren't the thinnest eyeglass lens on the market, the extra bifocal eyeglasses lens will help you keep your eye on your score and the ball! You may not become Greg Norman or Arnold Palmer overnight, but your game can improve with a bifocal eyeglasses lens.

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