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How do I get a discount on my prescription eyeglasses?

Prescription Eyeglasses on the Cheap?

You can find discount prescription eye glasses offline—just know what you're getting for the price. Comparison shopping for prescription eyeglasses online takes more effort than buying non prescription eyeglasses, but it can be done. You don't want to sell out when it comes to your eyes, so choose your prescription glasses carefully. While prescription reading glasses can be expensive, if you care properly for your pair, your investment will pay off handsomely in the long run.

I’ve been wearing regular readers and just found out I need prescription eyewear, how do I make the change?

Change to Prescription

You've been wearing regular +1.00 eyeglasses and you discover you need +2.00 in one eye and -3.00 in the other. What to do? The change from non prescription eyeglasses to prescription reading glasses can be jarring, especially if you wear pop tops or tube readers.

You can request prescription eye glasses with aspheric progressive lenses, which are as light as the lenses you've been wearing. You could even specify a narrow almond or lozenge-shaped style similar to the tube readers for your prescription glasses. Fortunately, that's not as big an adjustment as buying prescription glasses online.

I feel dizzy and get headaches when wearing my new prescription glasses, is this normal?

Prescription Headaches

You may have headaches and dizziness after getting new prescription glasses. This is not normal. Your prescription reading glasses shouldn't make your head hurt any more than non prescription eyeglasses would. Visit your eye doctor to make a simple adjustment to the new prescription reading glasses. If your prescription magnification is too high, your prescription eye glasses will give you headaches, so see your eye doctor immediately after the dizzy spells and headaches start.

If you bought your prescription eyeglasses online at a discount, make sure the retailer has a fair return policy.

Do I have to give up stylish frames with prescription eyeglasses?

Fashion Prescription

Your first priority in buying prescription glasses is, of course, seeing clearly with your lenses. However, it's hard to sacrifice fashion in something you wear every day. That said, you may have to accept what your eye doctor prescribes, although you can get a second opinion by looking for prescription glasses online. Try to find a close fit between the Armani frames you love and the prescription reading glasses you need. You may be able to find your perfect pair without resorting to non prescription glasses. Even with plain or ordinary frames, your custom prescription eye glasses will make your eyes look spectacular!

How do I understand all the numbers on my eyeglass prescription?

Eyeglass Prescription Numbers

If you buy non prescription glasses, all you have to worry about are the frame measurements. But if you purchase prescription reading glasses, those numbers may seem like high school algebra: +2.00 -2.00 x 90 or +2.00 DS X 90. Here's a simple prescription glasses primer:

1) +2.00 shows the diopter with the spherical refraction error, in other words, whether you're nearsighted or farsighted. A plus means you're farsighted.

2) -2.00 shows the astigmatism. If, as in the second example, you see the letters DS or SPH, you don't have an astigmatism for the prescription glasses to correct.

3) 90 shows the angle of the astigmatism around the eye, which is shaped like a football thanks to the astigmatism. The angle can range from 90 to 180.

You may even see an addition number, such as “Add Power +1.50.” This indicates the addition of a bifocal lens.

So now that you know, you can refill prescription glasses online and go to the eye doctor with ease.

If I know my prescription magnification power, will a pair of non prescription eyeglasses with that power work just as well?

Non Prescription Eyeglasses

It can be risky to choose non prescription eyeglasses, and in particular prescription glasses online, even if you know the magnification power, for example +3.00. You can get away with it, and you can wear them. But we recommend sticking to your prescription glasses. Don't experiment with your eyes.

If you're seeking a backup pair of glasses, don't skimp on the cost of prescription reading glasses. Purchase your prescription eye glasses from your eye doctor or, if possible, by those prescription glasses online.

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