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How often should I get a new pair of glasses?

New Glasses

You need to buy a new pair of eye glasses in the store or eye glasses online:

* Every time your prescription changes
* You're tired of your old eyeglasses
* Your glasses go out of style and you need to buy new eyeglasses online
* Your face shape changes, e.g. after surgery or changes in weight.
* Your hair color changes
* Your eye doctor makes recommendations—you should generally see your eye doctor once a year or once every two years.

Why shouldn’t I just buy one-size-fits-all eyeglasses in the drugstore or online?

Don't Cut Corners on Glasses

Buying eyeglasses online on the basis of a sale or JPEG is as foolish as picking a pair of eyeglasses at random from the drugstore. Only buy eye glasses online or in the drug store if you know your diopter strength. One size does not fit all when it comes to eye glasses. You definitely don't want to risk getting the wrong pair. Invest in your eyes, see your eye doctor, and you can be assured that your glasses will fit you to an “I” (eye).

How can I buy a pair of glasses that will last for years?

Eyeglasses Bought To Last

The magnification of your eyeglasses is great. The frames don't make your ears or nose ache. The hinges are screwed on tight. Even better, you bought your eye glasses online at a great price from a superb retailer with a killer return/refund policy. You haven't been this much in love since the day you met your spouse.

Take the same loving care with your glasses that you do with your spouse. Some tips:

* Just like infatuation with the current Young Hollywood looks, your love for a trendy frame can grow old fast. Pick a classic but fun frame, especially if you're buying just one pair of glasses. Unlike your spouse, your eyeglasses won't mind if you bring another pair home.
* Like shopping for love online, buyer beware when buying eyeglasses online.
* Love means being flexible, so choose spring hinges, which are both durable and comfortable.
* Look for scratch-resistant coating—after all, your current partner has a thick skin after listening to you snore all these years, right?

How do I know if online eyeglasses will look right or correct my eyesight?

Eyeglasses Online?

You can't buy eye glasses online just by eyeballing them. A few tips:

* Make sure you know the distance between your pupils, or PD, which you can find out from your optometrist.
* Know your eye, bridge and temple length—those are the three numbers found on the inside of all eyeglass frames.
* Decide which lens is best for your glasses: polycarbonate, high-index, or regular plastic lenses.
* Decide which hinges are best for your eye glasses: regular screw hinges or spring hinges.
* Select eyeglasses in a size close to your current glasses, and get an identical magnification.
* Don't buy bifocal eyeglasses online unless you know the specs of your specs.
* Make sure the return policy is right. Eyesave.com has a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers the convenience of a pre-printed UPS label you can affix to your rejected specs.

I saw a great pair of sunglasses in my local sunglass shop and I’m looking for an online discount, how do I find them again?

Finding Sunglasses Online?

If you saw a fab designer pair of glasses in your local snooty-tooty shop, you may be searching for your perfect eye glasses online. Be sure to note the model number before you go looking for those Calvin Klein eyeglasses online.

Many online sellers of eye glasses allow you to search by model number, or you can just input the model number and click “Search.”

Just make sure you try the eyeglasses in the store to make sure they fit, and that you can see with perfect clarity.

Why is it important to clean my eyeglasses properly?

Proper Eyeglass Cleaning

You bought ultra-hip eyeglasses online three months ago and they already look worn out. Should you demand a refund from the eye glasses online merchant? Think twice before pushing the “Send” button on a complaint form. You might not have been cleaning your eye glasses properly. Better go to that eyeglasses online oasis and purchase a microfiber cloth and bottle of eyeglass cleaner.

If you clean your glasses improperly, you can damage the anti-reflective coating that keeps away annoying reflections. If your eyeglasses look smeary or foggy, clean them carefully with cloth and cleaner spray. You may have to buy new lenses if that doesn't work, or take the glasses to your eye doctor.

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