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My reading glasses pinch my nose and ears, but they’re expensive prescription reading glasses, so what can I do short of buying a new pair?

The Glasses Don't Fit

Whether you bought your prescription reading glasses online or from your optometrist, you don't have to suffer with a pair that hurts you. There's a simple solution: get a new frame for your reading eye glasses. You can try out different frames in the store or at the optometrist and order a different frame there so that the technicians can refit your glasses. You're not out of luck if you bought reading glasses online. Just order new frames and take them to an eyeglass repair shop.

Be prepared to ditch those miracle eyeglasses for reading. Compact reading glasses look sleek and minimalist, but they may now be the best fit.

What are spring hinges for reading glasses and why would I want them?

Reading Glasses Spring Hinges

The Aluminator style of Irish Eyes reading glasses features springs hinges for comfort. When you read, choose the most comfortable eyeglasses for reading you can. Spring hinges, unlike hinges held together with just a mini screw, have more flexibility, expanding the rims to fit your ears. Your reading eye glasses stay firmly on and last longer. Compact reading glasses make excellent use of the spring hinges. Be sure and do a search for spring hinges reading glasses online.

How can I feel good about having to wear reading glasses?

A New Look at Reading Glasses

Heads up: Even with Lasik, reading glasses are not nerdy. The late Christopher Reeve made reading eye glasses sexy for men. And despite Dorothy Parker's famous quip, women do look attractive who wear eyeglasses for reading. You often see celebrities touting cool designer compact reading glasses. Plus, it's easier now than ever to shop and compare reading glasses online.

Reading glasses come in a variety of cool frames, such as Cinzia's dozens of fashionable colors, and tinted lenses. Forget the image of the “four eyes” square glasses, which “The Incredibles” character Edna Mode wears with panache. Reading glasses are often slim and sophisticated.

Remember, glasses for reading are an investment in your vision, especially if you spend much of your time in front of a computer or squinting at a PDA.

What should I look for in reading glasses?

Reading Eye Glasses Must-Haves

When buying glasses for reading, you obviously need the right magnification if you have prescription eyewear. However, if you're buying reading glasses online without a prescription, your reading eye glasses must have:

* A durable case to prevent damage (we like the case that comes with the Porpoise Super-Slim Clam), or a soft protective case that won't scratch the lenses (such as ICU Eyewear's soft cases).
* A durable metal or hard plastic frame.
* Proper magnification, if applicable—if you need +4.00 magnification, buy it—stores that sell reading glasses online allow you to select the magnification when you order. Test your magnification needs by trying on eyeglasses in the store and choose the lowest magnification needed for close reading.
* A comfortable fit around your eyes and ears.
* A reasonably priced pair if you are going to buy several to keep on hand in the car, at work, etc., so that you don't waste time hunting for your glasses.

Can reading glasses protect my eyes if I work in fluorescent light, say in a laboratory or reading in a college dorm room?

Reading Glasses and Fluorescent Light

Tinted reading glasses can cut down on that glare from the library that makes you look owlish. Make sure you have anti-reflective coating on the back lens of your reading eye glasses, otherwise fluorescent light can reflect off that back surface and appear as a ghost image. That's why you see spots after staring directly at fluorescent light. The right glasses for reading will reduce the fluorescent effect. You can buy compact reading glasses designed to reduce the glare. Be sure to shop and compare reading glasses online and in your local eyeglass store or Lenscrafters.

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