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Do reading sun glasses have to look boring?

Hey Good Looking Reading Sunglasses

ICU Eyewear's 8205SR Metallic Floral Print sun reading glasses are anything but boring-looking. Tropical shiny colors pair with polarized reading glasses. You'll look like you're ready for a luau even when on your laptop outside on a partly cloudy day wearing your reading sunglasses. The ultra-thin lenses of the tinted reading glasses create a light sheen of color on the glass, contrasting well with the bright bird-of-paradise frames. For a fun 101 Dalmatians/1950s look, try ICU's reading sun glasses with polka dot frames. Calabria has a funky hand-painted pair of sun reading glasses that are truly unique.

What is the best color for reading sunglasses lenses?

Rose Colored Reading Sunglasses

Regardless of the color, polarized reading glasses and tinted reading glasses will filter out glare and UVA/UVB rays. However, darker lenses may be more comfortable for some people since lighter lenses of sun readers tend to intensify the sun. People who aren't fond of the sun in their eyes while driving should skip pink or silver lenses in reading sunglasses. Darker lenses in sun reading glasses tend to completely absorb light. People who aren't bothered by the intensity of the sun can choose either light or dark tinted lenses. Or, as with regular sunglass choices, you can opt for fashion over practicality just so long as the lenses shield your eyes.

Do reading sun glasses require special care?

Reading Sun Glasses Care

Your tinted reading glasses and polarized reading glasses are an investment in your eyes and your appearance. Protect your reading sunglasses with a good quality case, which usually comes with your purchase.

Windex and other glass cleaners may work on occasion to shine your sun reading glasses. For our money, reading sun glasses cleaner sprays and microfiber cloths work best to maintain your investment. Keep your sun reading glasses on a chain or in a holder when the reading sunglasses aren't in a case.

Are reading sun glasses good for computer work?

Computer Work and Reading Sun Glasses

Tinted reading glasses are the best when that flickering screen tests the resilience of our eyes. Eyestrain is such a common occurrence that polarized reading glasses, even special “computer glasses,” can save precious eyesight.

You'd look silly wearing reading sun glasses indoors. However, sun reading glasses are ideal for working your laptop and sipping a latte in the sun at Starbucks. Consider your reading sunglasses an investment in information technology.

Can I just choose reading glasses with sun protection if I don’t want sunglasses?

Reading Glasses with Sun Protection

Reading company reports poolside at Sandals Resort in Jamaica? You'll need UV protection, mon, and the only way is to use reading sun glasses. Calabria Palm Beach 798 Sun Reading Glasses offer silver tinted lenses with 100% UV protection. You can buy polarized reading glasses at Kingston.

Appropriately, Calabria also offers the Jamaica and Negril styles of tinted glasses for reading with bi-focal lenses. Able Vision's Kingston style of pinkish-gold tinted reading glasses is elegant and impact-resistant.

Calabria's reading sun glasses are sleek and not at all like typical sunglasses, but you might want to stay away from ICU's 3601BFSR XL Fashion Bi-Focal sun reading glasses, since those are large-frame and black.

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