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Are folding reading glasses stylish?

Stylish Foldable Reading Glasses

The Sharper Image made foldable reading glasses desirable and fashionable. While the Slimfold I folding reading glasses look like your typical industrial/professional glasses (ideal for men at the office), you aren't limited in your choices.

Ablevision's Thinline Folding Reader flip-up reading glasses fold to 1/4 of their size with ultra-thin styling that complements your face. The colored frames of these foldable reading glasses match the ultraslim cases that slip easily into pocket, briefcase, backpack or purse.

MySpex Foldable Reading glasses specializes in flip up reading glasses reading glasses—try their rose and gold-framed style. Able Vision's Hilco Portable clip on reading glasses have tortoiseshell and gold accents on the frames for that debonair intellectual look.

Let's not forget Calvin Klein's classic folding reading glasses with elegant rimless styling, and spring hinges that mold these sexy specs to your face.

Are there magnetic stick-on folding glasses?

Magnetic Stick-On Reading Glasses

Eyestic Reading Glasses aren't the traditional folding readers such as Slimfold and Irish Eyes. However, for a unique variation on clip on reading glasses, they can't be beat. These foldable reading glasses actually compact into a mini case. They offer a unique twist on flip-up reading glasses—the inverted bridge can be turned upside down for overhead use such as applying makeup or fixing plumbing under the sink. Their futuristic look makes them must-have flip up reading glasses.

To top it off, you can stick the special mounting plate to your shower caddy or the metal in your car if you're using the makeup mirror (not while driving please!) Although the Eyestic foldable reading glasses are small, you'll always keep track of them just by sticking them to the nearest metallic surface.

How fragile are folding reading glasses and how do I care for them?

Caring For Folding Reading Glasses

It's a rule of thumb that the more moving parts something has, the more care it needs. Foldable reading glasses have a total of four hinges. Although flip up reading glasses have durable frames and lenses, be mindful when storing and wearing your clip on reading glasses. Always use the special compact case that comes with them.

Be sure to tighten the mini screws on your flip-up reading glasses. Invest in a good quality purse-sized eyeglass repair kit and keep in your eyeglass case if possible. Eyeglass cleaner sprays and microfiber cloths, as always, are a must.

Calvin Klein's folding reading glasses have spring hinges, so check the springs regularly.

Are folding reading glasses comfortable?

Comfortable Flip Up Reading Glasses

For maximum comfort, especially when reading contracts at the office, try Slimfold's adjustable folding reading glasses. You can adjust the bridge of the clip on reading glasses to fit your eyes and nose.

Calvin Klein's spring hinges have retractable temples, so that these black/Bordeaux/gunmetal/gold/tan flip-up reading glasses fit any face perfectly.

All foldable reading glasses and flip up reading glasses offer lightweight frames and lenses that won't weigh down or pinch your nose and ears.

I like Scojo reading glasses, do they have foldable readers?

Scojo Foldable Readers

Scojo aficionados who love foldable reading glasses can relax. Their favorite manufacturer puts flip up reading glasses and clip on reading glasses within reach. You can literally fit these round-lensed flip-up reading glasses in the palm of your hand and still have room for the case. The Franklin Street style is lightweight, attractive and durable. These folding reading glasses fold exactly in half an fit perfectly in the miniature case.

Are foldable reading glasses as powerful as regular readers?

Foldable Power

Don't let the small compact size of flip up reading glasses fool you. You might think the Able Vision brilliant MR-4 folding reading glasses with their demi temples look too petite and beautiful to read the fine print on your Aunt Bea's will. That's an optical illusion. Clip on reading glasses and flip-up reading glasses have the same magnification diopters as non foldable reading glasses, with strengths ranging from +1.00 to +4.00.

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