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I’m over 40 and have presbyopia but am not a good candidate for surgery, will progressive lenses work?

Progressive Lenses and Presbyopia

Now that you've answered the question “what is presbyopia,” you're ready to decide on presbyopia treatments. Unfortunately, you aren't a candidate for Lasik presbyopia treatment or presbyopia laser surgery. If you can't have presbyopia surgery, progressive lenses, particularly aspheric, will correct your problem.

What is presbyopia anyway and how is it treated?

Presbyopia Explained

What is presbyopia? Presbyopia is Greek for “elder eyes,” appropriate since it afflicts people after forty. While forty may not be considered ancient any more, your eyes start to age more rapidly, and the muscle fibers in the lens as well as the proteins within the lens become harder and less flexible. As a result, you're less able to focus when you view something close up.

You have a varied choice of presbyopia treatments, from Lasik presbyopia surgery to the conductive keratoplasty (CK) presbyopia treatment to surgical reversal of presbyopia with scleral expansion bands. And of course, there are always progressive aspheric and contact lenses.

What is surgical reversal of presbyopia with scleral expansion bands and is it right for me?

Surgical Reversal of Presbyopia with Scleral Expansion Bands

What is presbyopia surgical reversal with scleral expansion bands? This presbyopia treatment uses implants in the eye. You're familiar with corneal implants.

The sclera, the outer coat of the eyeball that forms the visible white of the eye and surrounds the optic nerve at the back of the eyeball, becomes less flexible with presbyopia. In surgical reversal of presbyopia with scleral expansion bands, the surgeon inserts four bands below the surface of the sclera. These bands increase the distance between the lens and the muscles that focus the lens, and may even augment the tension in the muscles focusing the lens. Since the muscles' loss of flexibility causes presbyopia, the implants seem viable presbyopia treatments from preliminary research studies.

However, as with any other new treatment, this presbyopia surgery improves vision for some patients but not for others. Also, the bands may erode or expand, causing infection and/or decreasing blood circulation in your eyes. Before considering this or any experimental presbyopia treatment, talk with your eye doctor.

I’ve heard that I can wear reading glasses with my contacts to minimize presbyopia, is this true?

Reading Glasses with Contact Lenses

If you aren't eligible or don't want to have laser presbyopia surgery or any of the other presbyopia treatments, don't fret. Assuming you can wear contact lenses, you have a double option for presbyopia treatment.

Typically, you wear bifocals or multifocal contact lenses to correct presbyopia. However, if you are happy with contacts but want reading glasses for close-up work, you can use reading glasses and contacts together. With any of these glasses presbyopia treatments, you can cheerfully ask, “Presbyopia, what presbyopia, what is presbyopia to me?”

If I have Lasik or PRK surgery in my twenties, will I still develop presbyopia?

Early Lasik Surgery and Presbyopia

Unfortunately, Lasik surgery or PRK surgery when you're twenty-five can't slow the aging that leads to presbyopia. What is presbyopia, after all, but aging of the eyes, which we all have?

You can lessen the likelihood of presbyopia surgery and other presbyopia treatments by taking care of your eyes. You can take vitamin formulas especially designed for eyes and eat a diet rich in lutein in the intervening years to strengthen eye health, but you may still develop presbyopia. You may have to have Lasik surgery again as part of your presbyopia treatment.

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