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Are pen reading glasses an ideal gift for an executive or work colleague?

Pen Reading Glasses Gift

Your colleagues already own Blackberries, so tube reading glasses and slim reading glasses are ideal in this portable fast-paced high-tech aesthetic world. Cinzia's pen reading glasses sets offer a twist on the tube reader. Aside from the pens that match the mini reading glasses, the sleek space-age-looking tube case with an outside grip for the pen will look terrific on an executive's desk or on a conference table. The secretary/admin assistant in your life may even put your calls through faster when you give him or her Cinzia pen reading glasses.

Do Scojo gel mini reading glasses really adjust to my face?

Scojo Gels

Scojo makes bleeding-edge ultracool slim reading glasses. Besides the Popeyes tube reading glasses, the Gels mini reading glasses are Scojo fan must-haves.

The Gels with their gel colors have an advantage over the Popeyes tube reader. The TR90 memory plastic adjusts to individual wearers to ensure optimum comfort and fit. When was the last time you saw pen reading glasses do that?

Can I get mini reading glasses with floral frames?

Floral Frame Slim Reading glasses

Mini reading glasses come in a variety of appearances. That said, you won't find a floral tube reader or pen reading glasses that resemble an English garden or veranda in the tropics. But if you haven't got your heart set on tube reading glasses, you'll like Calabria's slim reading glasses with frames that have tropical and English floral accents.

How slim is too slim when it comes to mini reading glasses?

Too Slim

The prevailing wisdom that you can never be too rich or too thin doesn't necessarily apply to eyeglasses. The coolest pen reading glasses or sexiest tube reader won't be worth much if the frames are too narrow for you to see properly. Of course, assuming all things are equal, slim reading glasses can enhance a round or square face. The slimmer the mini reading glasses, the better. Able Vision's MT-1 Ultra Thin tube reading glasses and TR-1 rimless are perfect. Of course, depending on your face shape, slim takes a back seat to lens and frame shape. ICU Eyewear's 4672 Rimless tube reading glasses aren't the slimmest, but their small ovals flatter diamond, square, and oval faces.

Are pop-tops the tops when it comes to tube reading glasses?

Top Pop-Tops

Pop-tops may sound like glasses you'd wear while wandering through a Dr. Seuss book. But they're a hot trend in tube reading glasses. Only pen reading glasses have an equal cool factor in the mini reading glasses category. Pop-top simply refers to the cool plastic case you carry your Able Vision tube reader in. It's a way to stand out among the myriad slim reading glasses on the market.

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