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Do rimless reading glasses complement my face?

Rimless Eye Glasses and Your Face

Just as you can see better with your new rimless eyeglasses, people can see you better. Rimless eye glasses show all of your face.

Men especially like the bare minimalist style of rimless glasses. Rimless reading glasses complement the masculine features. Rimless glasses also show flatter the curves of women's faces. Pair a funky colored rimless eyeglass frame with the simple light openness of rimless glasses and your face will look its best.

Are rimless glasses comfortable on my face?

Rimless Reading Glass Comfort

The lightweight comfort of rimless glasses feels good on your face. Spring hinges or a wraparound rimless eyeglass frame mold to your face, eliminating the guesswork. Both the lightness of the rimless reading glasses and the contouring frame will please your eyes, literally, and allow you to focus better.

No matter what your face shape, rimless eyeglasses feel good. You should however consult with an optometrist/optician for a good fit between your rimless eye glasses and your face.

I’m a college student, will rimless reading glasses work for me and look good?

Rimless Glasses Go To College

College is known as a time of experimentation. Your eyeglasses will probably be the tamest things you change. Although eyeglasses with rims are the norm at the office, you can wear rimless eyeglasses with ease at college. Rimless glasses offer a wide variety of options for the college student, since a rimless eyeglass frame can include color, just not around the lenses.

You can have a variety of lens shapes with rimless reading glasses, including larger ovals, rectangles and circles. Try wraparound rimless eye glasses since, like most college students, you probably are on the go constantly!

Are rimless glasses better for letting in reading light and do they let in too much sunlight?

A Ring of Rimless Light

Rimless eye glasses are lighter than other reading glasses and are beautifully light reactive. Although the lenses of rimless glasses are invisible, they work well to let in maximum light.

If you want rimless glasses but want to limit sun glare, try tinted or polarized sun rimless reading glasses.

If you want to improve the quality of light and magnification, you can substitute the lenses in the rimless eyeglasses you buy with your own prescription lenses.

What rimless reading eyeglasses brands can you recommend?

Rimless Reading Eyeglasses Brands

You have a visual variety of rimless reading glasses with every style of rimless eyeglass frame. Some of our favorites...

* Irish Eyes Cheaters
* Irish Eyes Aluminators
* Able Vision Lucite Readers Rimless Eye Glasses
* Able Vision TR-1 Rimless Eyeglasses
*Scojo Reading glasses Popeyes Rimless

We love the bright red frames combined with the rectangle lenses of Cinzia Trendies Redefined Red rimless glasses.

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