Pen Reading Glasses Gift

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Are pen reading glasses an ideal gift for an executive or work colleague?

Pen Reading Glasses Gift

Your colleagues already own Blackberries, so tube reading glasses and slim reading glasses are ideal in this portable fast-paced high-tech aesthetic world. Cinzia's pen reading glasses sets offer a twist on the tube reader. Aside from the pens that match the mini reading glasses, the sleek space-age-looking tube case with an outside grip for the pen will look terrific on an executive's desk or on a conference table. The secretary/admin assistant in your life may even put your calls through faster when you give him or her Cinzia pen reading glasses.



2/4/2012 4:55:12 AM
Rob said:

Yeah right, would make a lot more sense to include a picture so people know what they look like; one man's "cool" is another's digestive waste product.


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