Fashion Eyewear at the Office

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What types of fashion reading glasses should I not buy for the office?

Fashion Eyewear at the Office

Yes, even your eyes have a dress code in the corporate world. Gone are the rhinestone reading glasses popularized by secretaries in the 1960s. Some points to remember:

* Rhinestones are out in fashion reading glasses, even for secretaries.
* Unless you work in an art gallery or funky store, hand painted reading glasses aren't appropriate, even on casual Fridays.
* Save the crystal reading glasses for the weekend.
* Choose dark- or neutral- colored frames to present a professional image. Choose silver, gunmetal, brown or black for men, but brown, golden tones, silver, burgundy and coffee colors for women.
* You can never go wrong with gold or silver frames on your designer eye glasses.
* Stick with lenses shaped like ovals, rectangles and almonds. Big square glasses look too severe.



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