Eyeglasses Bought To Last

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How can I buy a pair of glasses that will last for years?

Eyeglasses Bought To Last

The magnification of your eyeglasses is great. The frames don't make your ears or nose ache. The hinges are screwed on tight. Even better, you bought your eye glasses online at a great price from a superb retailer with a killer return/refund policy. You haven't been this much in love since the day you met your spouse.

Take the same loving care with your glasses that you do with your spouse. Some tips:

* Just like infatuation with the current Young Hollywood looks, your love for a trendy frame can grow old fast. Pick a classic but fun frame, especially if you're buying just one pair of glasses. Unlike your spouse, your eyeglasses won't mind if you bring another pair home.
* Like shopping for love online, buyer beware when buying eyeglasses online.
* Love means being flexible, so choose spring hinges, which are both durable and comfortable.
* Look for scratch-resistant coating—after all, your current partner has a thick skin after listening to you snore all these years, right?



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