The Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face

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What are some rules for choosing the right eyeglass frames for my face?

The Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face

You might have found the perfect discount eyeglass frame, but is it perfect for your face? The over-abiding rule is simple: Know your face shape.

* Round face: Opt for a clear bridge and wide rectangular (such as Burberry 8369) or angular narrow eyeglasses frames to lengthen and thin the face.
* Square face: Try narrow eyeglass frame styles, especially narrow ovals, and a wider eyeglasses frame to soften the face and make it look longer.
* Diamond face: Try eyeglass frames that highlight the eyes and accentuate the cheekbones of this rare face shape—choose distinctive brow lines in your eyeglasses frames, oval and cat-eye shapes, and oh yes, go rimless!
* Base-up/Inverted Triangle: Try eyeglass frames wider at the bottom, light colors and materials, and of course, rimless frame (such as D & G 4077) styles to create an airy effect and make the top of the face look less top-heavy.
* Base-down/regular triangle: Go for a brightly colored designer eyeglass frame with detailing on the top half, preferably combined with a cat-eye shape (such as Baby Phat's frames) to widen the top half of the face.
* Oblong face: Also known as the longish nose face and long face in general. Try an eyeglass frame that has a top-to-bottom depth, a low bridge to make the nose look shorter, and/or decorative or contrasting temples (such as wooden) that widen the face
* Oval face: These lucky people have perfectly proportioned face shapes. Opt for opticals with eyeglass frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face, or proportioned walnut-shaped eyeglasses frames. Don't choose frames with too much depth or too much narrowness.



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