Frame Colors

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What frame colors are right for my face?

Frame Colors

If you have piercing blue eyes, choose a standout blue eyeglasses frame. If you have overwhelmingly pink pigment in your skin, a blue/pink two-tone laminate such as Calabria Readers 636 designer eyeglass frame may be your ideal pick. Eye color comes in such differing shades, as does hair, that eye color is not usually the best determiner of eyeglass frames colors.

In general, cool or “blue” skin colors, in other words paler complexions, do well with eyeglasses frames in black, blue-gray, plum, magneta, pink, jade, and darker tortoiseshell (demi-amber). Warmer or “yellow” complexions with more pink or dark pigment are complemented by an eyeglass frame in camel or khaki, peach orcoral, gold and copper, off-white or warm blue, light or blond tortoiseshell, orange or fire-engine red.



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