Like New Eyeglass Frames

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How do I keep my eyeglass frames looking new?

Like New Eyeglass Frames

Most eyeglass care focuses on the most important part of the glasses...the lenses.

However, eyeglasses frames need care too. Keeping your glasses in their protective cases will prevent damage to your eyeglass frame.

Use metal polish for your metal eyeglasses frame such as your Silhouette 7373/7395 Minimal Art frame, even though titanium, beryllium and Flexon are corrosion- and tarnish- resistant. Use jewelry cleaner for your silver-accent, crystal, rhinestone, bejeweled and gold-plated discount eyeglass frame—just don't immerse your glasses in the cleaner.

Try not to put your plastic eyeglass frames through too much punishment. Luckily, nylon can take more damage than most plastic frames.

Keep your screws tight and your spring hinges in place.



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