A New Look at Reading Glasses

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How can I feel good about having to wear reading glasses?

A New Look at Reading Glasses

Heads up: Even with Lasik, reading glasses are not nerdy. The late Christopher Reeve made reading eye glasses sexy for men. And despite Dorothy Parker's famous quip, women do look attractive who wear eyeglasses for reading. You often see celebrities touting cool designer compact reading glasses. Plus, it's easier now than ever to shop and compare reading glasses online.

Reading glasses come in a variety of cool frames, such as Cinzia's dozens of fashionable colors, and tinted lenses. Forget the image of the “four eyes” square glasses, which “The Incredibles” character Edna Mode wears with panache. Reading glasses are often slim and sophisticated.

Remember, glasses for reading are an investment in your vision, especially if you spend much of your time in front of a computer or squinting at a PDA.



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