Reading Eye Glasses Must-Haves

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What should I look for in reading glasses?

Reading Eye Glasses Must-Haves

When buying glasses for reading, you obviously need the right magnification if you have prescription eyewear. However, if you're buying reading glasses online without a prescription, your reading eye glasses must have:

* A durable case to prevent damage (we like the case that comes with the Porpoise Super-Slim Clam), or a soft protective case that won't scratch the lenses (such as ICU Eyewear's soft cases).
* A durable metal or hard plastic frame.
* Proper magnification, if applicable—if you need +4.00 magnification, buy it—stores that sell reading glasses online allow you to select the magnification when you order. Test your magnification needs by trying on eyeglasses in the store and choose the lowest magnification needed for close reading.
* A comfortable fit around your eyes and ears.
* A reasonably priced pair if you are going to buy several to keep on hand in the car, at work, etc., so that you don't waste time hunting for your glasses.



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