Hey Good Looking Reading Sunglasses

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Do reading sun glasses have to look boring?

Hey Good Looking Reading Sunglasses

ICU Eyewear's 8205SR Metallic Floral Print sun reading glasses are anything but boring-looking. Tropical shiny colors pair with polarized reading glasses. You'll look like you're ready for a luau even when on your laptop outside on a partly cloudy day wearing your reading sunglasses. The ultra-thin lenses of the tinted reading glasses create a light sheen of color on the glass, contrasting well with the bright bird-of-paradise frames. For a fun 101 Dalmatians/1950s look, try ICU's reading sun glasses with polka dot frames. Calabria has a funky hand-painted pair of sun reading glasses that are truly unique.



2/8/2012 4:55:35 PM
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Reading sunglasses are a great way of being able to relax and read in the sun without constantly fighting between reading glasses and sunglasses.


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