Aspheric Lenses

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Aspheric lenses are ultra-thin, will they counterbalance a heavy eyeglass frame?

Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric eyeglass lenses are designed to rest lightly on the face and provide superior optical function. However, even though aspheric eyeglass lenses are among the thinnest eyeglass lenses, they can't counterbalance heavy frames. Wearing coke-bottle frames with aspheric eyeglasse lenses is like wearing your baggy clothes after you've lost a lot of weight. In general, the aspheric eyeglasses lens should be in a smaller eyeglass frame such as ICU Eyewear's matte two-tone thin lozenge-shaped frame. Your aspheric progressive eyeglass lens works well in a larger rounded frame such as the one found on ICU's Bi-Focal O85BF.



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