Golf Lenses

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What are golf lenses and can they help my swing?

Golf Lenses

Bifocal golf eyeglass lenses trump the progressive eyeglass lens on the course. Flat-top bifocals in the low inside corner of the eyeglass lenses of golf glasses allow you to read and write on the scorecard up close, but still hit the ball into the cup. While golf eyeglass lenses aren't the thinnest eyeglass lens on the market, the extra bifocal eyeglasses lens will help you keep your eye on your score and the ball! You may not become Greg Norman or Arnold Palmer overnight, but your game can improve with a bifocal eyeglasses lens.



8/21/2006 7:44:31 PM
jdmlb said:

Try the bifocal at the top outside corners - works better than bottom


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