Concave or Convex, Go High-Index

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Why do my fashionable Calvin Klein frames look unattractive with my concave or convex eyeglass lens?

Concave or Convex, Go High-Index

Whether your eyeglasses lens is concave to correct nearsightedness or convex to prevent farsightedness, traditional corrective eyeglass lenses have thicker edges. In fashionable eyeglasses such as ICU Eyewear and in Calvin Klein eyeglass frames, the rims are thinner than the eyeglass lens. Rimless eyeglasses leave the thick eyeglasses lens completely exposed, giving your specs a bizarre appearance.

The progressive eyeglass lens, the aspheric thinnest eyeglass lenses, and especially high-index eyeglass lenses can bend light more, so are thinner and lighter since they require less surface material.



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